Version 2.0
Sharpen your Layakari skills
LayaTarang is an android application for practice of Layakari / Polyrhythm.
  • Five basic tals viz., tin tal, rupak, dadra, jhap tal and keherwa
  • 3 common sidhi layakari viz., dugun, tigun and chaugun and their combination
  • 5 different tehri layakari with non integer rhythm ratios viz., 5/4, 3/2, 7/4, 5/2 and 7/2
  • Optional Metronome with Ghunghru or Clap for the beats
  • Optional mode with teka on barabar and metronome in selected laya
  • Notation for the teka in different layakari with bols in devanagiri script
  • Choose base tempo from 30bpm to 120bpm
  • Visual karaoke like scrolling of the bols
  • Indication of the matra and avartan while playing the layakari pattern
  • Visual indication of the hand clap or wave
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Requires Android 2.1 and higher.


LayaTarang (rhythmic waves) is an Indian music related app intended for the practice of Layakari (Polyrhythm). Layakari means the play of rhythm i.e., the simultaneous playing of two different rhythms. It is similar to the Polyrhythm in western music. With LayaTarang, learners of hindustani music ( tabla, vocal and instrumental ) and dance ( kathak) can sharpen their Layakari skills.

s The app provides an ability to play 5 basic tals in 8 different layakari and their combinations. Optional mode with tabla teka on 'barabar' and metronome in selected 'laya' is useful for kathak dance practice and Hindustani vocal or instrumental music practice. The visual hand and finger indication helps in practice of reciting 'teka' in different layakari while mainting the 'tala' with hand. The tabla bols are written in devanagiri script in the form useful to learn writing tals in the Pt. Paluskar and Pt. Bhatkhande notation systems, under different layakari.

LayaTarang is a creation of SiddhiSadhana.


Version 2.0

Released on Apr 11th, 2014
  • NEWAdded 10 new tals viz EkTal, Chautal, Dipchandi, Jhumra, Khempta, Sultal, PashtuTal, Sitarkhani, Tivra and Tilwada
  • NEWAdded feature to choose number of 'avartans' to play the 'tal teka' in 'barabar' and in the selected 'laya'
  • NEWImprovements to display of the 'teka' with indication of 'vibhag'

Version 1.1

Released on Nov 18th, 2013
  • NEWSupport for Android 4.4 (KitKat)
  • NEWBols can be rendered either in english, transliteration or devanagiri script
  • FIXSupport for wider range of screen sizes

Version 1.0

Released on Jun 12th, 2013
  • NEWInitial Release



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We lookforward for your suggestions and feedback for easier usability as well as for increasing the usefulness of the app. Please contact us if you would like to see any new features in the future updates.

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