Resources for greater joy in music practice.

SiddhiSadhana is an initiative started by the students of Shri. Nawaz Mirajkar. "Siddhi" means perfection or attainment and "Sadhana" means practice or means of accomplishing something. As the name indicates, the objective of SiddhiSadhana is to assist a learner of Indian music in her or his daily practice. The group with members having years of experience in computer programming work towards developing music related softwares to aid in the practice of Tabla and Indian Music in general.

LehraBox, ShruthiLaya, LayaTarang, LBComposer and TihaiShastra are the creations of SiddhiSadhana till date. Do explore more about these apps and let us know your comments.


Privacy Policy

SiddhiSadhana will not sell, publish or share information you entrust to us that identifies you or any person. Contact information is collected in order to stay connected. Email information you use to communicate with us is collected only to follow up with your comments and feedback.

All the free apps (lite versions) developed by SidhiSadhana use Google Admob for advertising. Google privacy policy is available here.


Contact Us

Our source of encourgement is the experience that music learners get while using our apps. Please do share your experiences in using our apps. We lookforward for your suggestions and feedback for easier usability as well as for increasing the utility of these apps. Please contact us if you would like to see any new features in the future updates or new apps that will serve indian music learner needs in general.

All the mobile apps under NityaSlokas Collection use Google Admob for advertising. Google privacy policy is available here.